Everything You Need to Know About MEGAWAYS Slot Machines

If you often go to online casinos, you must have come across the Megaways slot machines many times, which are impossible not to notice in the offer of the gaming halls, since they have practically taken over the market in recent years.

If you’ve never played this type of game before, it’s time to get to know them a little better, find out what features they have and why you should try these innovative slot machines.

In our article, we present precisely what you should know about Megaways slot machines.

What are Megaways slot machines, when did they appear and with which games did they burst onto the online casino market?

As is known, the online casino industry is one of the strongest and fastest developing, extremely dynamic industries of the 21st century, which is taking advantage of the potential of the latest technological innovations in record time.

However, after the online spread of casino games, it was necessary to wait a few more years until revolutionary innovations appeared in the virtual world of gambling. In 2015, the Australian game manufacturer Big Time Gaming launched an innovative online slot called Dragon Born. It was actually a 6-reel video slot that contained between 2 and 7 symbols and offered players more than 115,000 ways to win per spin. The game itself was not that impressive, but its mechanics amazed and captivated the operators as well as the casino players.

Barely a year later, the company presented its second, now much more successful game, which, under the name Bonanza, has been extremely popular ever since and which unstoppably started the “engine” of Megaways games.

The question arises, what makes the Megaways games so revolutionary and what gives them their popularity? The answer is to be found in the already mentioned alternating reel technology, which can randomly change the number of symbols that appear, usually between 2 and 7. This mechanism is completely different from the operation of previous slot machines, as they have a fixed amount of symbols, predictably in this way, we can even say that they promise less excitement and obviously less chance of winning.

In Megaways games, the number of symbols appearing on the reels constantly changes after the spins, which makes each spin extremely unique and exciting, and the technology used greatly increases the chances of winning. Most Megaways games offer players up to 117,649 winning options, but there are already games available that have hundreds of thousands of ways to win.

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