Top 5 books on the world of casinos

The world of casinos has already inspired many writers. Not only novels, but also countless specialist books deal with the extraordinary events, rules, laws or exciting adventures of the fortress of lucky hunters. Let’s look at what we have to read if we don’t get to roulette, black-jack or poker?

1. Casinar Book

Although most games are based on simple principles, a rookie entering the casino is often uncertain by complicated rules and specific language. The casino book introduces the games and introduces the reader to the specific world of casinos. It goes step by step and illustrates the explanations with illustrations and photos. If the play -receptive reader has thoroughly studied the book, by the end, you can feel enough strength and recklessness to try your knowledge sharply.

2. Six years in Las Vegas… and the sequel

world of casinos

What to do in the eighties, our homeland, who had already been prison in Hungary, learned what to be the pursuit of the political system, to become an oppressed poet into frustration, the rules? What should you do if you finally have the coveted leave, but there are only a few pennies in your pocket? The six years in Las Vegas c. The book reveals all of this.

3. Roulette or the devil’s ball – rules, systems, stories from the casino world

Nikolaus Dobay, a Hungarian-born costume and set designer in Vienna, was a frequent guest of domestic and famous foreign casinos. Based on his personal experience, in his 1995 book, he undertakes to present and love this game with others. As he writes, he spent a lot of evenings and lost more money in the arcades, but he does not feel like a victim. While you know what methods – systems – you can successfully sit at the table, you are aware that overall the roulette will be victorious from the fight. To just enjoy the game: he tells us when we need to stop, and he also provides a shocking lesson by recalling the sad cases and even tragedies from the history of the roulette – after and in the book that teaching and encouraging the game.

4. The biggest bluff

world of casinos

Maria Konnikova, a psychologist at Columbia University, has found human behavior, and found in the poker in an area that can illuminate our conscious decision -making processes. He visited Erik Seidel, one of the best poker in the world, whom he later won several serious cash prizes from Las Vegas through Mon-Carlo to Makao. He gradually gained fame in the men’s dominated poker world, and even got into the World Series of Poker, the World Card Game World Cup. Maria teaches us the biggest bluff that can be used in our everyday lives.

5. You need to play

Do you want to know how a professional poker player thinks?

In this book, Daniel Negreanu reveals the secrets of successful poker. It tells you what mistakes are most often made by beginners, what levels of poker skills are, how to play so -called shaking pages, and how to build a perfect bluff. All this in his usual sparkling style. A must -see read for beginners and advanced!

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